Wealth Management

15056976 - globe showing north america and resting on financial papers At Sphere Partners, we manage wealth by following our goals based wealth planning method. When you break down a goal what you see is a funded or unfunded future liability mixed with emotion.  For this purpose when we build a wealth plan we hold a strong focus on current and future cash flows, where those cash flows come from, and what those cash flows mean and represent to our clients.  Current and future cash flows are what will fund those future liabilities.  As stated before we also give an equal weight of importance to the emotional side of goals and behavior.  Finding and keeping a solid balance between emotion and finance is the key to fulfilling on any plan.

First we help them establish goals.  Often times, people have an idea of what they want to accomplish in life and we often encounter them in the middle of some of those great accomplishments.  And while this may sound simple, quantifying and putting life goals down on paper, can be a very powerful experience in determining what is truly most important in life.

Second, we work with our clients toward funding their life goals if unfunded or aim to secure and maintain that funding.  This is where most traditional wealth planning takes place.

Third, we then work to align intentions with actions in pursuing those goals. There are many things we cannot control and often people get lost worrying about or trying to control those uncontrollable things.  We prefer to keep the attention and energy on the things that are within our control, mostly our actions.  As we maintain a steady balance of emotion and correct actions we gain confidence.  When we let emotion drive our actions or our actions don’t align with our intentions and goals we lose. At the end of the day all of these benefits help to provide confidence to our clients in an unsure world.

Key Wealth Management Strategies

  • Retirement Plans
  • Estate Planning
  • Bonus and Compensation Plans
  • Accumulation and Distribution Strategies
  • Legacy Wealth Planning/Management
  • Education planning
  • Group Benefits

Disclosure:  All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.