Risk Management

44972167_lAt Sphere Partners we believe that a well-rounded, holistic financial strategy must factor in risk management. Life is volatile and is often times unpredictable. However, one does not have to be unprepared. Most people own property and casualty insurance, umbrella policies and the like to protect their assets, while often times leaving their single most important asset uninsured, one’s ability to generate an income or a company’s ability to generate revenue. A permanent disability or the death of the primary bread winner at home or that of a key employee in the company can have a significant impact on one’s family or business.

Sphere Partners believes that if you depend upon your income or someone else, you should protect that income and the financial security of your family or your business.  Determining the type of coverage needed depends on your goals and objectives and your overall capital needs.  We do not believe in over insuring and we do not believe in general recommendations.  When you work with Sphere Partners, you can be assured that the risk management portion of your financial strategy will be tied to your needs, goals and objectives.

Key Risk Management Strategies:

  • Retirement Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Capital Needs Analysis
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Key Man Protection
  • Guaranteed Income
  • Long Term Care

Disclosure: No strategy assures success or protects against loss.