Exit Planning

46535273_lSphere Partners adheres to the exit strategies as suggested by the Exit Planning Institute, which believes that “an exit strategy asks and answers all the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax questions involved in transitioning a privately owned business.” Our overarching goal at Sphere Partners when preparing an exit plan is to ensure that the business owner(s) personal and financial goals are accomplished through the successful transition of the business.

Completing a successful exit plan requires the coordination and expertise of multiple disciplines including CPAs, attorneys, and investment bankers. As part of the exit planning process, Sphere Partners coordinates and works with these various professionals on behalf of the owner(s) to build an exit plan that is well thought out and executed. At Sphere Partners we tell our clients that “we are in the relationship business, not the divorce business,” meaning we are able to work through existing relationships of the owner(s) or provide recommendations to competent, trusted professionals to bring all disciplines to the table for the owner(s).

Key Exit Planning Strategies

  • Business Assessment – Value Enhancement
  • Financial Modeling
  • Capital Needs and Funding
  • Employee Retention Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Contingency Plans
  • Life after the Sale Plan
  • Employment Agreements
  • Management Succession
  • Incentive Compensation Plans

Sphere Partners and LPL Financial do not provide legal or tax advice or services. Please consult your legal or tax advisor regarding your specific situation.