Wealth Management

At Sphere Partners, we manage wealth by following our goals based wealth planning method.  When we build a wealth plan we hold a strong focus on current and future cash flows, where those cash flows come from, and what those cash flows mean and represent to our clients.

Exit Planning

Our overarching goal at Sphere Partners when preparing an exit strategy is to ensure that the business owner(s) personal and financial goals are accomplished through the successful transition of the business.  At Sphere Partners we tell our clients that “we are in the relationship business, not the divorce business,” meaning we are able to work through existing relationships of the owner(s) or provide recommendations to competent, trusted professionals to bring all disciplines to the table for the owner(s).

Risk Management

Sphere Partners believes that if you depend upon your income or someone else, you should protect that income and the financial security of your family or your business.   When you work with Sphere Partners, you can be assured that the risk management portion of your financial strategy will be tied to your needs, goals and objectives.